Motion Arts Pro - Around the Net | Tech News: The Teradek/SmallHD Monitor and Wireless Receiver

By: David Schonauer
Publish Date: Jan. 11, 2018, 8:34 a.m.
Source: nofilmschool

The merging of Teradek (the leading wireless video systems company) with SmallHD (maker of excellent monitors) under the Vitec corporate umbrella raised hopes of cross-pollination, and now those hopes have been fulfilled: The new Teradek 703 Bolt  is a hybrid monitor and zero-delay receiver created in collaboration with SmallHD. “By integrating the design into a single block, the unit has a much sleeker design, no external cables, and is much smaller, making it more likely for the director to keep over their shoulder when not in use,” notes NoFilmSchool.