Pro Photo Daily - Around the Net | Honor Roll: Mathieu Asselin Wins Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation First Book Award

By: David Schonauer
Publish Date: Nov. 10, 2017, 10:22 a.m.
Source: Paris Photo

French-Venezuelan photographer Mathieu Asselin’s Monsanto: A Photographic Investigation (Verlag Kettler) is the winner of this years Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation First Book Award. The book investigates the underreported long-term risks of products from Agent Orange to PCB coolants and GMO crops. The British Journal of Photography has an interview  with Asselin. Photographer Dayanita Singh’s Museum Bhavan (Steidl), a multivolume boxed set blending book and exhibition, is the winner of the PhotoBook of the Year award. Go here  for BJP's report on all the winners.